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Contact/Locate/Reach/Bother us at any of these options designed for young, old and really old people (dialers).

Placing an Order:

You can email your order or drop off in person (or by carrier pigeon) but we recommend the first two. The carrier pigeon we used was amazing but he failed to see the taped X over the window.

Please no faxing or calling in orders! That was so last century…



For best results, please download (and use) our excel based order forms.


Dial or tell Alexa/Siri/Google bot to: Call 780.486.4250

Toll Free, free for you (not for us but that’s ok cause we want you to call): 1.866.486.4250

Real human pick-up or drop-off:

You can show up at our door at our modestly appointed location in West Edmonton:

11202 149 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5M 1W5


When we work with the doors unlocked:
Mon - Fri 08:30 - 16:30
Closed on weekends

(Secretly working on those days but the doors are locked and employees are allowed Snapchat privileges while still chained to their work stations)

You can also visit our sister company’s site at www.cce.ca

Western Electromarker is a registered tradename of Switch Industries. Picture of dog with subtitle 'we are marking our territory'